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Membership Information

All individuals who wish to access the ice outside of Learn to Curl events or Bonspiels at Itasca Curling Association are required to be a member. This includes individuals wishing to play in leagues as substitutes. No individuals are allowed on the ice unless they are a member of ICA or are part of an ICA sanctioned public event.


Membership Dues

Membership Dues welcome you into the Itasca Curling Association Family.  It also opens the door to participate in numerous different events at the club.  With your membership you can expect free group training opportunities, rookie only games, practice sessions with drills to help enhance your game, the ability to substitute on any league, and the ability to participate in our leagues as a named member!  Outside of public sanctioned events, you must be a member of ICA to step on the ice.

Note:  All ICA memberships include USA Curling Membership Dues which amounts to $35 for 21+ curlers and $17 for 20 and under curlers.  This is required for membership in our club and includes both Liability and Legal Liability insurance.  Membership does not include optional League Fees.

  • Junior Membership (Under 21)- $75
  • First Year and Second Year - $100
  • Regular Membership - $150
  • Senior Membership (65 & Older) - $100


League Passes

A League Pass allows you to participate in our Leagues.  All leagues (excluding daytime Senior League) are open format welcoming any combination of women, men, senior and junior.

Leagues are a fun way to build your skills and compete against other members of the club. Casual leagues welcome beginners and offers a great opportunity to build on existing skills. All league passes include participation in an unlimited number of leagues. All members are welcome to play on any league (excluding senior league unless you qualify) irrespective of their skill level. It is recommended new curlers join and play on casual leagues before attempting competitive leagues unless they are with an experienced team.

Juniors are welcome and encouraged to join leagues but must purchase a League Pass along with their membership.

Members wishing to join a league but do not have a team should contact the commissioner of the league to be placed on teams looking for another member.

  • First Year League Pass = $50
  • Second Year League Pass = $100
  • Regular League Pass = $150


Team League Sponsorship

League Teams are required to have a business sponsorship which will be promoted weekly when scores are published in the Herald Review. The League Sponsorship fee for 2021 remains unchanged at $100 for the season. This fee is required for all teams and is paid by the skip.


Season Add-Ons

All add-ons are available to paid members only.

  • Locker Rental - $30

Locker yearly rental fee.  Note, this year we have strict requirements for the number of individuals allowed in the locker room.  For this reason, we strongly recommend those who do choose to rent a locker use the locker room for storage and change your shoes outside the locker room.  Changing clothes should be done quickly as to allow others access to the space.

  • Mug Club - $100

All you can drink beer and soda - and you get to keep the mug!  Mugs are allowed on the home end of the ice.  No drink or food is allowed on the ice at any time.

  • Broom Rental for Season = $25

Broom rentals for the year. A great way for new members to play with a high-quality curling broom before purchasing their own!

  • Non-Volunteer = $100

ICA is a member/volunteer driven association.  Without our members volunteering their time, we would be unable to open.  The expectation is all members donate 4 hours of their time on a yearly basis to help keep the club functioning.  We have opportunities available for people of all ages and skill level and abilities. If you for whatever reason are unable to volunteer 4 hours during the year, we ask for $100 to compensate for the time you are expected to volunteer.  ($25/hr @ 4 hours). ICA would much prefer members volunteering their time but understand if this is not possible.

Upcoming Events

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League Schedules

League schedules, teams and results can all be found in the members section of the website once you LOGIN.

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Itasca Curling Association is nestled in the northwoods of Minnesota in Grand Rapids. We host youth & adult curling leagues and events throughout the winter season each year. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

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