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Return to Curl 2021 / COVID Protocols

Return to Curl 

October 2021

The Return to Curl special committee met on September 30, 2021 and recommended the following proposal for the Itasca Curling Association for the board to adopt for the 2021-22 curling season.  The board formally accepted and adopted the following elements of the Return to Curl committee at the Fall Meeting of 2021.

As the year progresses, the board will review and update policies as needed based on the current impact to the County and Association.

  • Completed the COVID-19 Preparedness Plan.
  • Use of face masks strongly encouraged.
  • Use of 4 sheets simultaneously.
  • Use of staggered starting ends, i.e. sheet 1 &3 start at the near side sheet 2&4 start at the far side.
  • Designated use of entrance and exit doors from clubhouse to the ice. The door closest to sheet 1&2 will be used by any curler playing on sheet 1&2. Sheet 3&4 curlers will use the door closest to those sheets.
  • 4 person teams allowed with 2 sweepers at their discretion.
  • Markers will be placed on ice and designated areas where curlers will stand when not throwing the rocks.
  • Complete disinfecting of all rocks and surrounding surfaces after each game or practice.
  • Good hygiene signage to be posted on doors and bulletin board.
  • Sign-in sheet for all guests/visitors with complete contact information and date of visit.
  • Attestation of health to be added upon registration and/or at first league night.
  • Obtaining current email addresses for all members.
  • Guideline of informing members who may have been exposed to COVID-19: infected member is required to inform the league commissioner; league commissioner is required to inform all skips from pertinent league night AND inform the board; skips are required to inform the rest of their teams.
  • Board will keep track of all COVID-19 cases within the club and make adjustments to the protocols.
  • Handwashing signs will be posted in the restrooms and kitchen.
  • Locker room will remain open for use; however, it will be limited to 2 members at a time. NO EXCEPTIONS. Signs will be posted.
  • Bar and kitchen to be kept open and disinfectant wipes and gloves provided next to the tap.
  • Broom rentals to be available and agreement of disinfecting after each use.
  • League commissioners to review the Return to Curl regulations with all curling members for the first 3 weeks of play and anytime there is a new curler joining.
  • League commissioners assign a team every week to complete disinfecting of the clubhouse at the end of night: tables, chairs, railings, light switches, tap, cash drawer, bathroom handles, etc.
  • League commissioners assign a team on the weekly rotation to complete the standard clubhouse cleaning as well as the disinfectant procedures. 

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